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About Us

“Sweet lovely death, I am waiting for your breath. Oh ‘Sweet Death’, one last caress.”

Penned by The Misfits in the 70’s and re-fueled in the 80’s by Metallica. Words deeply rooted in the hard rock/metal family tree and the inspiration for the namesake of this company.

Metal has many different genres and traits that differ from one to the other, yet they all share a common bond, and that is the loyalty of the fan. It is loyalty of which we speak. One of the most devout fan-bases of any genre; the metal fan supports their music regardless of the current trend or fad.

Sweet Death was created to provide the music fan with another outlet of expression. Designs artfully crafted to command attention, yet without an overburden of imagery, which distracts from the individual. The ability to stand resolute behind their convictions, and still look good in the process.

Sacrifice Nothing is more than just a slogan, it is and should be a way of life. Do not sacrifice your family, friends, morals or anything you hold true. Live justly and respect others and you shall die a Sweet Death. After all, it is death at makes us all equal.